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Traditional approaches don't move the needle. Data science does. PreciseTarget specializes in creating data sets for brands, retailers, and sellers, identifying the best new customers for acquisition, and providing comprehensive insight on 99% of US shoppers.

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The PreciseTarget Difference

People say there's no accounting for taste. At PreciseTarget, we disagree. A consumer’s taste is what drives their buying decision.  By applying deep data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to billions of retail transactions, PreciseTarget has developed the only dataset that profiles consumers' preferences and tastes. The result is that you acquire customers with lower bounce rates and a higher likelihood to make repeat purchases. Because when you offer people what they really want, you sell more stuff.

Proven Data Science Applied to Real Data.

We’re fascinated with the question of why people buy what they buy.  To develop an answer to that, PreciseTarget has built the only comprehensive retail data set powered by actual SKU-level transactions.  We’ve analyzed over 5 billion actual retail purchases, and process 60 million retail SKUs per day to create buying profiles of virtually every US adult shopper.  Our profiles power audiences to inform your programmatic advertising, and data sets to enrich your CRM.

Core data set of


Retail Transactions

Detailed profiles of


US Adults

Drawn from feeds of


SKUs per day



The First Retail Data Company Designed for CCPA

PreciseTarget never touches PII. Period.

We’re the no-PII company that only deals in CCPA-compliant pseudonymized data. We have a sophisticated matching system enabling us to enrich your CRM with customer data using only pseudonymized identities.  We’re the company that the privacy lawyers love.