Retail Is Changing. Here's How To Keep Up.

Shopping behaviors are changing at an accelerating rate. Having the right data is critical for survival.

Target your best new customers with PreciseTarget.

Acquire More Customers With the Best Programmatic Audiences Available.

High-Value Customer Acquisition

Ditch the same old same old. PreciseTarget syndicated and custom audiences help you focus your advertising on the highest value customers so you continually grow your customer base.

Cost Effective Performance

Best-in-class digital marketing is no longer an option--it's an imperative. PreciseTarget optimizes your digital marketing and advertising efforts with data sets that consistently outperform others in A/B testing.

Enrich Customer Insights With the Industry's Most Comprehensive Data Set.

Make your customer data more powerful. PreciseTarget offers the richest, broadest enrichment data in the industry.  

Higher LTV

Augment what you already know about your customers with PreciseTarget Taste Profiles. You'll not only help them feel loved. You'll create higher long-term customer value.

Deeper Customer Insights

When you access insights unavailable anywhere else to augment your own CRM data, you create a new brand differentiator: Loyal customers -- and more of them.

Making it Easy: Data Delivery Options

PreciseTarget data sets are easily accessible through channels

Demand Side Platforms

Data Partners

Data available in the LiveRamp data store and from partners

Custom Data Sets

PreciseTarget works directly with brands and data providers to deliver custom data sets

Know precisely what your future customers want so they buy what you offer.

It's that simple.