Retail Record Episode 7

Products With A Purpose

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“The [sustainable] consumer has become a lot more educated and is no longer a niche consumer, it is becoming mainstream. It gives me a lot of hope and faith of the trajectory of sustainability in apparel.”

-Mike Cangi

Co-Founder and Brand Director of United By Blue

PreciseTarget COO, Liddy Manson, hosted a fireside chat via Zoom with Mike Cangi, Co-Founder and Brand Director at United by Blue to discuss the importance of sustainability in retail. This is the seventh episode of many to come in our virtual thought leadership series, The Retail Record. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful discussions around trending topics in retail, ecommerce, and the industry’s future with other leaders in the space.

Mike Cangi is the Co-Founder and Brand Director of United By Blue, a lifestyle brand from Philadelphia that sells ethically manufactured and sustainably sourced apparel and accessories for men and women. Mike launched United By Blue with his business partner, Brian Linton is 2010 after seeing a dire need for more brands that displayed purpose and advocacy for the community at large. Since the brand's inception, Mike has been able to help introduce United By Blue to retail and e-commerce stores across the globe– totaling over 1,000 doors. United By Blue is a mission-driven sustainable lifestyle brand from Philadelphia that launched in 2010. United By Blue sells men's and women's apparel and accessories and is committed to removing 1 pound of trash from the world's oceans and waterways for every product sold. To date, United By Blue is responsible for removing over 3.5M lbs of trash from waterways with the help of 15,000+ volunteers at over 250+ community cleanups around the world.

PreciseTarget is a behind-the-scenes data company fueling the growth of many of the largest retailer and wholesale apparel brands as they accelerate the transition to digital. Our goal is to support as many fashion brands as possible as they shift to a digital ecommerce focus, providing customer insights and AI enrichment that further strengthens programmatic display success as well as segmentation. At PreciseTarget, we’ve machine learned 5 billion SKU level soft-goods retail transactions, billions of SKUs and billions of pieces of metadata to create “taste” profiles on 99% of adult shoppers. These off-the-shelf audiences are ready to be used in most major data stores and DSPs.

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