Retail is Changing. Here's How to Keep Up

Harness data that identifies which brands and products your customers most want to buy

Acquire High Value Customers with Intelligent Data

Best-in-class data is no longer an option – it’s an imperative.  PreciseTarget optimizes your digital marketing with data sets that are customized just for you – and consistently outperform others in A/B testing.  So you can focus your advertising on growing your customers base with high-value customers

Enrich your Customer Database with the Industry’s most comprehensive data set

Get thousands of data points about each of your customers so you can understand what they really like to purchase.  PreciseTarget data can be easily appended to your CRM, or you can view expanded profiles on your customers on our easy-to-use, cloud-based service.  The result: Loyal customers, and more of them.

Accelerate Marketplace Velocity

PreciseTarget’s preference data provides knowledge about how to manage product placement, sponsored listing, and sell-through in digital marketplaces

Case Study

See How Other Top Brands and Retailers are Turning Goals into Results

Top 5 Athletic Shoe Brand

Our Top 5 Athletic Shoe Brand client wanted to identify top quality targets to increase brand reach and drive acquisition of new-to-brand consumers.