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Outlook For The Retail Industry: Post - Covid 19

The Road to Recovery: How the apparel industry is likely to emerge from the COVID 19 disruption

PreciseTarget has conducted a rigorous historical analysis of the soft goods retail industry and has formulated an outlook for marketers during and after the recession. It’s a comprehensive data-driven analysis of prior recessions, and a series of predictions for the next few quarters based on prior industry data.

What If On-Sale Products Were YourProfit Driver?

An idea for the pandemic era.

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TotalRetail article By Rob McGovern Sigh, the old days when your only problem was the retail apocalypse. The coronavirus will be far

“We all have to embrace a philosophy of continuously improving the customer experience – through big data analytics, AI and machine learning.” 

Fox Business By Jeanette SettembreFOXBusiness “The thing that Sephora has done better than everyone is they’ve made mobile part of the shopping

The Retail Record Episode 1: 

Digital Trends in

Ecommerce 2020

PreciseTarget COO, Liddy Manson sat down with Katelyn Glass, the COO of Rowing Blazers, to discuss digital trends in ecommerce in 2020. This is the first episode of many to come in our new fireside chat style series, The Retail Record. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful discussions around trending topics in retail, ecommerce, and the industry’s future with other leaders in the space.

The Retail Record Episode 2: Sustainability in Retail

Liddy Manson, COO of PreciseTarget, discusses the importance and history behind sustainability efforts at KitexUSA with their President & COO, Donnie Hodge. Donnie Hodge has over 40 years of experience in operations, management, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain at apparel and home textiles manufacturers, and was previously the Chief Operating Officer of the Gerber Childrenswear. In his current role at Kitex USA.  Donnie has been instrumental in Kitex early growth in the Infant/Toddler business.  Kitex is one of the largest suppliers of Infant/Toddler apparel in the world supplying most major brands and customers and uses fabrics that are 100% organic.

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