Data That Drives Decisioning

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, learn more about your existing customers, or optimize your Ecommerce performance in high-velocity marketplaces, PreciseTarget has a solution for you.

Data for CRM Enrichment

Odds are your CRM data lacks the depth and context to help you predict what your customers will want to buy next. Insufficient data results in poorly performing campaigns ignored communications, and failed efforts to grow LTV.

Whether you add Customer Insight Profiles to your CRM, analytics, or DMP, you will improve customer knowledge and better retain and serve your customers. And we make it easy for you -- it's like data science in a box.

Data for Marketplace Optimization

Feeling lost in the whirlwind of buying countless paid placements in marketplaces? Trying to stand out from the volume of products like yours requires strategy, not guesswork.  

PreciseTarget’s understanding of product attributes and how they map to buying preference can inform your paid placement strategy, helping you present the right products to the right people when they’re searching.  The result?  You’ll sell more product and reduce your marketing costs.

Cutting Edge Audience Acquisition

Shoppers who look the same demographically don’t always shop the same.  That’s why we’ve analyzed 5 billion transactions and millions of SKUs so that we can provide you the insight you need to target your best acquisition targets.  You’ll never have to guess again.  Accurately predict who will buy your assortment with audiences based on our retail taste profiles

Top 5 Athletic Shoe Brand

Our Top 5 Athletic Shoe Brand client wanted to identify top quality targets to increase brand reach and drive acquisition of new-to-brand consumers.