Critical Times Call for Critical Insights

Change is disruptive. Because of Covid-19, retail is in upheaval. With stores closing, more and more retail consumers are changing what and how they buy.

The right insights can be the difference between missing your metrics and blowing them out of the water. Adapt to the shift with PreciseTarget.

Succeed in the New Normal 

Acquire more of your best customers and extract meaningful, unique consumer insights with PreciseTarget’s extensive data set.  Put yourself squarely on the path to increasing customer value.

Products for

Programmatic Advertising

Acquisition Audiences:
Expand your customer base

Get immediate access to data that moves the needle.

Brand Taste Audiences

Drawing from 220 million consumer taste profiles, Brand Taste Audiences target the consumers who are most likely to buy a specific brand’s assortment.

Retailer Taste Audiences

Never have to guess again. Accurately predict who will buy your retail assortment with audiences based on our retail taste profiles.

Product Taste Audiences

Looking to launch a new product? Our Product Taste segments uncover consumers most likely to purchase products in 200 fashion and beauty categories.

Custom Audiences

Create your best target market. Work with us to get your data laser-focused on specific categories, geographies, brands, and more.

Products for

CRM Enrichment

Custom Data Enrichment: 
Enhance your customer file

Odds are your CRM data lacks the depth and context to accurately predict what your target audience will buy. The resulting guesswork is at the root of poorly performing campaigns, ignored communications, and failed customer acquisition efforts.

We know that customers who look the same demographically don’t always shop the same.  That’s why we’ve analyzed 5 billion transactions and millions of SKUs so that we can provide you the insight you need to nurture your best customers.  

Whether you add Customer Insight Profiles to your CRM, analytics, or DMP, you will improve customer knowledge and better retain and serve your customers. And we make it easy for you -- it's like data science in a box:

Custom segmented to meet your specific needs

Seamlessly appended through your chosen delivery method

Matched through a third-party identity partner

PreciseTarget audiences are available now through major DSPs and data platforms.