Retail Record Episode 5

AI - The Backbone of the Next Era of Digital Marketing

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“We believe open and unbiased AI will be the backbone of the next era of digital marketing because of its cookieless data processing and machine learning capabilities.”

-Amy Dowsek

Head of Industry, Retail at IBM Watson Advertising

PreciseTarget CEO, Rob McGovern, hosted a fireside chat with Amy Dowsek, Head of Industry, Retail at IBM Watson Advertising, to discuss the next phase of digital marketing. This is the fifth episode of many to come in our virtual thought leadership series, The Retail Record. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful discussions around trending topics in retail, ecommerce, and the industry’s future with other leaders in the space.

IBM brings artificial intelligence to the marketing and media industry at scale through IBM Watson Advertising's expanded suite of open, unbiased, and cookie- and identifier-free AI solutions, and partnerships with leading distribution players.  IBM Watson Advertising is an ecosystem of trusted media, data, and AI-powered technology solutions that can help advertisers improve decision-making and reduce costs across key facets of the marketing lifecycle – from media planning through measurement.  Amy Dowsek leads industry sales for the Retail vertical within IBM Watson Advertising. In this role, she leads a team focused on advertising partnerships within display, programmatic, data, and tech disciplines across all digital properties, including Weather.com and The Weather Channel apps.

PreciseTarget is a behind-the-scenes data company supporting many retailer and wholesale brands with their ecommerce revenue growth. We partner with companies such as IBM Watson to combine our customer insights with their AI to provide enrichment data that further strengthens digital activation acquisition success. At PreciseTarget, we’ve machine learned 5 billion SKU level soft-goods retail transactions, billions of SKUs and billions of pieces of metadata to create “taste” profiles on 99% of adult shoppers. These off-the-shelf audiences are ready to be used in most major data stores and DSPs.

If you are interested in learning more about The Retail Record or PreciseTarget’s data offering, please contact marketing.precisetarget@gmail.com