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Data Science in a Box Designed Specifically for Apparel and Fashion Brands

We've broken new ground with an innovative target marketing data solution unlike any other in the market.  Using our unique, preference-based data sets, we've created a cloud-based solution to allow you to view, segment, activate, and re-engage your best customers.  We call it Data Science in a Box.  Give it a try free of charge!

Comprehensive, Detailed, Insights on All Your Customers 

Try out PreciseTarget Consumer Insights, and view the power of the thousands of columns of data that we provide on every US shopper.  Trying to get more insight into which customers in your CRM are your most valuable?  We provide both the data and the analytics and segmentation tools to pinpoint them for you.  And we'll bolster them with acquisition audiences which you can customize to meet your goals.  Powercharge your DTC with our breakthrough data and tools.

All Your Knowledge In One Place

Easy Segmentation and Analytics

Granular Data on Shoppers

Key Features

Demographic Insights on Every Customer

Our comprehensive data set gives you expansive demographic information about every single customer.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education Level
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of children
  • Geographic location
  • Home ownership status

Create, Edit, and Share Custom Audiences

Build audience segments with advanced data science tools that filter and deliver target customer groups based on your criteria enabling more effective omni-channel promotions.

  • Easily define attributes and size of your desired segment
  • Build segments to personalize your direct marketing and customer outreach

View Product and Brand Preference Scores

Profile each of your customer’s tastes in fashion, scoring them based on buying behavior and purchase propensity.

  • Assessment of each customer’s affinity for individual brands, reflecting which brands they are likely to purchase
  • Identify which customers purchase within specific product categories, and the price point at which they buy.

PreciseTarget By The Numbers

Jewelry and Accessories

Audience Data Delivery to LiveRamp, DSP, or Facebook

We’ll upload 500,000 pseudonymized identities of customers who score for your brand, and you can analyze, segment, and cluster to your heart’s content!  

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