Retail Record Episode 4

Future-Proofing Digital Marketing for a Cookie Apocalypse

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“Testing has determined that most consumers don’t care if they’re tracked anonymously and sold as part of an aggregated segment of people who are interested in certain products. People may get legitimately freaked out when it’s tied to their name, but it’s still not driving a huge opt-in decrease.” 

- Adam Heimlich

Founder and CEO of Chalice Custom Algorithms

PreciseTarget CEO, Rob McGovern, hosted a fireside chat with Adam Heimlich, Founder and CEO of Chalice Custom Algorithms, to discuss the cookieless future of digital marketing. This is the fourth episode of many to come in our virtual thought leadership series, The Retail Record. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful discussions around trending topics in retail, ecommerce, and the industry’s future with other leaders in the space.

Chalice Custom Algorithms develops unique adtech applications for advertisers, allowing companies to bring learning in-house, where it’s unavailable to competitors. For most of his career, Adam was a leader of agency media-buying teams: first in search and social media, then in digital display. He founded and led the programmatic display department at the largest independent agency, Horizon Media. As CEO of Chalice, as in his previous roles, Adam is a booster of innovative startups and an outspoken advocate for transparent, ethical dealing in the ad business.

PreciseTarget is a behind-the-scenes data company supporting many retailer and wholesale brands with their ecommerce revenue growth. We partner with companies such as Chalice to provide enrichment data that further strengthens programmatic display success. At PreciseTarget, we’ve machine learned 5 billion SKU level soft-goods retail transactions, billions of SKUs and billions of pieces of metadata to create “taste” profiles on 99% of adult shoppers. These off-the-shelf audiences are ready to be used in most major data stores and DSPs.

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